OCCD Membership Information for September 2019 – August 2020

The Organization of Child Care Directors (OCCD) is the only organization that understands what your job is really like! Why? We have all experienced the day-to-day trials and tribulations of working in the child care profession. OCCD is dedicated to providing training and support to those who administer children’s programs. Our general membership meetings, special events and workshops are designed to meet the needs and interests of those in our unique profession.

Last year, we had over 150 members. This year, we hope to include even more of you in our dynamic group. Our diverse membership includes Directors from Nursery Schools, Head Start Programs, Child Care Centers, School-Age Programs, Businesses and Individuals. Members represent a variety of agencies; non-profit, for profit, church/synagogue based, franchise, government, public and private. This diversity adds to the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared among our members and is a benefit to us all.

GENERAL MEETINGS: The professional development team has arranged an exciting schedule of events/trainings based on recommendations from members. Meetings will be held on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month between 9:30am-12:30pm, from September to May (unless otherwise noted) at the Montgomery County Child Care Resource and Referral Center (MCCCRRC), 1401 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD [training rooms located on the first floor].  Participation is limited at all events/trainings, so pre-registration is required as each flyer is emailed.

MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION:  In order to become a member, complete the registration on the next page; remember to register one name per application and each member must have their own email. If you have a business card, attach it to the application. Membership is non-transferable. Membership cards will be available at the meetings. If you would like your membership card mailed to you, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the attention of: OCCD Membership, c/o Laura Bardini, Rockville Day Care Association, Inc., 622 Hungerford Drive, Suite 26, Rockville, MD 20850 .  (Lost membership cards can be replaced for a fee of $5.00 made payable to “OCCD.”)

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY:  The Directory, the information in it, and any emails sent by the organization, including but not limited to all contact information and addresses, are the property of the Organization of Child Care Directors. This information is provided to OCCD members for use only in connection with OCCD-sponsored activities and other specifically approved purposes. The information in the directory and emails may not be used for solicitations, advertising, mass mailings or any other purposes unrelated to the mission, objectives and policies of OCCD, or by any person or organization other than OCCD.

TRAINING WORKSHOPS:  Pre-Registration is required at all training workshops and events in order to ensure adequate space and materials. Monthly informational flyers will be emailed. After receiving the email, members may register. Members may only register guests after the designated date.  To register for a training or event, send an email from your address to occdmd@gmail.com. If responding for more than one member, you must send a separate email for each member who would like to attend. If you send an email with more than one name, only the first name will be registered. When responding, put your name in the subject line part of the email.  When members register guests, after the designated date, put the full name of each guest in the body of a separate email. Members are responsible for the payment of the guest(s) once they are registered, even if they do not attend.  On the date stated on the flyer, members will receive an email to confirm that they are registered for the event/training. Email confirmations for guests will be sent to the members who registered them.

Organization of Child Care Directors

of Montgomery County, Maryland

E-mail us today at occdmd@gmail.com with questions.