Organization of Child Care Directors

of Montgomery County, Maryland

​​OCCD Membership Application for September 2019 – August 2020

*Registration will not be prorated at any time during the year.* *Membership is for an individual person.* 

*Membership is not transferable.* *Each member must have their own e-mail, not a shared address,

for registering and receiving confirmations for events and training workshops.*

Please fill out the application and send it with a check (made payable to “OCCD”) to:

OCCD Membership, c/o Ms. Laura Bardini, 622 Hungerford Drive, Suite 26, Rockville, MD 20850



Name of Center/Business:__________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________

Office Phone:_______________ Email Address:_________________________________________

I hereby understand and agree that the information in the directory and emails may not be used for solicitations,

advertising, mass mailings or any other purposes unrelated to the mission, objectives and policies of OCCD, or

by any person or organization other than OCCD.

Member signature                                                                                                      Date
* Please initial YES ____ to allow OCCD to take pictures of you at an event or training to be used on

our website, newsletter or bulletin board, or NO ____, if you do not want your picture used.

*For informational purposes only: How many children are enrolled in your center(s)?________ How many families

do you serve?________ How many employees do you have?________

E-mail us today at with questions.